Types Of Orthopedic Bed

Types of Orthopedic Bed

When it comes to purchasing an orthopedic bed, there are several different types of orthopedic bed to choose from.

Orthopedic beds can be broken down into two distinct types or classes, non-adjustable orthopedic beds, and adjustable orthopedic beds. The latter can be broken down further into another subcategory, which we will come to later. For now, let’s discuss the non-adjustable orthopedic beds.

A non-adjustable orthopaedic bed is basically a bed where you will have a foundation or base to support the mattress, and then the mattress itself. These types of beds will suffice for people that maybe have some kind of musculoskeletal condition, but do not have any major pain or mobility issues that would necessitate requiring a bed where individual parts of the bed surface need to be adjusted to relieve the pain or pressure on certain parts of the body.

Sometimes these types of bed will be referred to as a memory foam bed, or a latex foam bed, or alternatively a memory foam mattress set, or a latex foam mattress set after the orthopedic mattress material.

Then we have the adjustable beds. There are three different types of adjustable bed – there is the manual adjustable bed, the semi-electric adjustable bed, and the electric adjustable bed.

They manual adjustable bed, as the name suggests will require somebody to physically adjust the bed to the desired height and adjust the bed frame to the required level of comfort. A manual adjustable bed usually offers the flexibility to adjust at least three parts of the orthopaedic bed and mattress surface.the main advantage of a manual adjustable bed, is that it will of course be more affordable than buying an electric adjustable bed.

With the semi and electric adjustable beds, you get more flexibility in that you do not physically require somebody to adjust the bed, as instead everything is controlled by an electric motor, and you will receive a remote control that enables you to easily manipulate the bed into the position that you desire. Not only this, but unlike with a manual adjustable bed, and electric adjustable bed allows you to more finally achieve the position that you want in the bed surface.

In this type of orthopedic bed, you can usually adjust at least five individual parts of the bed and mattress surface, which of course can be more comfortable than not having this high level flexibility. You may also find a number of other features that you may find useful, you can read the full article an electric adjustable beds to discover what those features are

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