What Is An Electric Adjustable Bed And How To Buy One

What Is An Electric Adjustable Bed?

An electric adjustable bed is a version of the orthopedic bed that has an electronically controlled adjustable bed frame. These beds are far superior to the manual adjustable bed frame, making it very convenient for the user to be able to adjust the bed to suit their requirements without requiring a helper to manually adjust the bed for them. This gives the user a greater level of independence.

Their origins are from patients requiring postural support in hospitals, and people with conditions like back pain, arthritis, acid reflux, immobility and numerous other conditions, although nowadays they are also marketed to people who simply want more comfort and control while they are in bed before, during and after sleep.

They can adjust the angle and position of various parts of the bed frame, from head to foot via a convenient remote control device. So if the user just wants to raise the bed frame a little bit to support their head better, they can adjust that specific part of the bed frame remotely. Or perhaps they wish to raise part of the leg section of the bed frame, they can do that too. And of course they simply want the bed flat, like a standard mattress, they can do that easily too.

Some of these beds are also height adjustable to help make it convenient for people that have trouble getting into or out of their bed. Or to help caregivers to raise and lower the bed to conveniently gain access to the patient and changed the bedding.

For two people sleeping together that both require an adjustable bed, you can buy split frame adjustable beds that enable each person to adjust their specific side of the bed exclusively. This enables each person to have the exact sleeping profile that they require, without imposing on the other person.

As you may have already guessed, split frame beds are more expensive because they require two separate motors and bed frame sections.

These beds are so good that they are also used in hospitals to provide the best comfort and support to patients, some of which specifically need to be supported with a specific posture, due to the nature of their medical condition or injury. These beds enable the patient to control the bed to suit them, as well as making it easy for medical staff to access the patient.

Like memory foam mattresses, while the origins of an orthopedic bed may have been to specifically support people with specific conditions that required an adjustable bed, the market has grown to include people who are looking for a luxury bed to sleep on.

These beds are therefore also in demand by people who may want support for minor cramps or simply want to have a bed that supports them while they read a book, use their laptop or mobile tablet, or watch TV.

Aside from the benefits of having the ability to easily adjust the profile of the bed frame, there are additional luxury or supporting features that these beds have. One of the most common is a massage feature which a person may use to help them relax or soothe any stress or tension points. Another feature you can find our heat therapy programs that can also help to soothe and relax any tense muscles or parts of the body.

A memory call button is quite useful for when you have a specific profile that you want to be able to access at the click of a button, rather than having to individually adjust each part of the bed to get it back into the desired profile.

You may also want to consider a bed that runs on batteries as well as mains electric if you are in an area with unreliable electricity supply, or if it would be seriously inconvenient should there be a power outage. These beds in such an event will simply switch to operating from the battery until the stored energy is depleted, or the power comes back online.

Buying an Electric Adjustable Bed

While an adjustable electric bed can come with a large price tag, this is offset by the amount of comfort, relaxation, and support that the user will benefit from, especially if they have a condition that is better maintained and controlled by having a bed that can provide a configurable level of support.

There are three different types of adjustable bed that you can buy. There are the traditional manually operated adjustable beds. There are semi-electric adjustable beds. And there are electric adjustable beds. The latter adjustable electric beds of course provide the best level of comfort and support, often having more adjustable areas than a manual adjustable bed, as well is offering a number of extra features like heat therapy and massage programs, as well as in the high-end models also offering the ability to adjust the height of the bed, all at the push of a button.

You may also wish to consider having a bed with a wall hugger if you tend to find that your bed tends to move away from the wall between uses.

Of course you may not need all the bells and whistles, so you will want to shop around for the bed that fits exactly what you are looking for, whether you are looking for a bed for assistance with maintaining a medical condition, or a bed that simply provides a more convenient and luxurious rest and sleeping experience.

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