Hospital Beds for Home Use

The Best Hospital Beds for Home Use – How to Select and Buy One

There is a wide array of hospital beds for home use to choose from that it is sometimes confusing on which one is the best. Hospital beds come in different models with different features and functions to cater to the individual needs and condition of the patient. If you want to purchase a hospital bed for your loved one at home, don’t purchase just any hospital bed. Take a few things into consideration so that you get the best value for your money and the best care for your patient.

The best way to start in the selection of the hospital bed is to seek the advice of experts. Ask a doctor on what type of bed will be suitable for the patient taking into consideration his physical condition. Asking for their professional opinion will help in the type of hospital bed for home use you will be selecting.

There are many types of hospital beds. The least expensive are manual beds. Manual beds will need to be cranked manually to adjust head, foot and bed height. Electric beds are the most convenient type of hospital beds but are much more costly. Most electric beds have an electric cord or a remote control that controls all electrical functions of the bed. You can change bed height and elevate the head and foot portion with a single push of a button. If you plan on getting an electric bed, make sure that the room where you will put the hospital bed will have a functioning electrical outlet. If you are unable to decide between manual or electrical hospital beds, you can choose a semi electric bed. This bed offers an electric control over head and foot position but a manual crank for bed height.

You should also consider where you will be putting the bed. Hospital beds can be very heavy and heaving them upstairs might be impractical. It is also better to put patients on the main floor of the house so they can be closely monitored. This will also decrease strain from caregivers of having to go up and down flights of stairs. Always measure the space where you will be putting the bed prior to selecting one. Take into consideration how wide the doors are and if the beds will fit in these. Most hospital beds are fully assembled and the bed might need to be carried through doors and hallways.

It is also vital to determine if you would need side rails for the hospital bed. Side rails are important to keep patients securely on their beds and prevent falls. Choose easy to grip side rails so the patient can use this for leverage when able. If the hospital bed for home use is for a child, make sure to get reduced gap side rails. This is to prevent restless children from being stuck between the gaps of the rails.

Once you have chosen on the particular type and model of the hospital bed you wish to purchase, you might want to consider purchasing a mattress along with it. Some hospital beds may already be sold with mattresses and some don’t. You can ask the doctor for further advice on the best mattress for the patient with regards to his or her condition.

Because there are so many models of different hospital beds available, it is easy to get overwhelmed. If you seek advice from health care professionals and invest some time to look for a great product, you end up buying great hospital beds for home use that provide great comfort to patients and more convenience to caregivers.

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