What is a Hospital Bed Mattress?

What is a Hospital Bed Mattress?

A hospital bed mattress is an often ignored piece of hospital equipment. It is more notoriously regarded as an uncomfortable mattress that causes sleeplessness and great discomfort among patients. However, due to innovative and well researched technology, mattresses in hospital beds now provide a more comfortable and pleasant experience and people are seeking them as their choice of orthopedic bed for home use too.

It is important to note that hospital bed mattresses also play a key role in the recovery of patients, whether it is acute or long term treatment. In choosing the types of mattress in hospital facilities, it is essential that the right mattress be used according to the condition of the patient. The wrong mattress could impede and hinder a patient’s recovery.

You may question what a simple mattress has to do with a patient’s speedy recovery. To recuperate fully, a patient needs to be able to have full rest and comfort. The hospital bed mattress is where he will be spending most of his time in. The wrong mattress could cause sleep disturbances, unrest and even injury. Sleeplessness could weaken a patient’s body and even lower his immune system, making him prone to Nosocomial infections or hospital acquired infections.

If you are planning on purchasing hospital mattresses for personal use or to refurbish hospital stocks, it helps to know the different types of mattresses. It is also important to note the common conditions of the patients who will be using the mattresses.

The oldest type of hospital mattresses are inner spring mattresses. These mattresses are inexpensive but provide little for comfort. If you want a mattress that is affordable but provide maximum patient comfort, then foam mattresses can offer a solution.

There are actually a lot of different types of foam mattresses that are also available. One excellent product is the bariatric hospital bed mattress. The bariatric mattress is made up of high density foam for better comfort and durability. This type of foam mattresses are designed for heavy patients weighing up to 400 lbs. It is engineered to be a heavy duty mattress for long lasting use.

Memory foam mattresses are another excellent product made to maximize comfort and minimize pressure ulcers. This type of mattress relives pressure points especially to bedridden patients and decrease the possible occurrence of ulcers. Decubitus ulcers or bed sores are very common among bedridden patients. This is largely due to immobility and using the wrong mattresses. Too much pressure and friction between the mattress and bony prominences causes tearing of the patient’s skin which leads to ulcers. This should not be taken lightly because ulcers can develop quickly but take a very long time to heal. It is also a great discomfort to patient often causing a lot of pain.

Other mattresses include air, water, latex and gel mattresses. These mattresses have also been designed to relieve pressure and heat from constant immobility. Air mattresses have air technology which allows for better sleep and comfort. Water mattresses are also advantageous because it easily conforms to the body. You can also heat the water in the mattress during cold weather for more comfort. Gel mattresses are often thin mattresses that need to be overlaid on other mattresses. Gel mattresses easily contours to the body and even gives off a mild massaging effect due to its honeycomb structure.

With any mattress you wish to purchase, never forget to select a hospital bed mattress that is waterproof and dust and mite resistant. Mattresses with waterproof coverings are important to prevent damage to the mattress from body fluids which might soak up the bed. Dust and mite resistant mattresses are also easier to maintain.

No matter what type of mattress you wish to purchase, it is best to always think of the quality prior to the price first. The recovery and recuperation of your patients could be facilitated by choosing the right hospital bed mattress for them.

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