How Can Disabled Beds Offer Support And Comfort?

How Can Disabled Beds Offer Support And Comfort?

Disabled beds can be extremely useful for individuals who are handicapped. This provides them with better comfort and safety. It also provides a sense of independence. For the disabled individual who has to depend on caregivers, any type of independence no matter how small is welcome.

Adjustable beds are the most common type of beds for the disabled. This bed suits any individuals but more so for those that may be handicapped due to a debilitating disease or congenital condition. Adjustable beds can provide the ultimate comfort for better sleep and relaxation.

The best adjustable beds for the disabled are electric beds. These beds can be adjusted to certain positions like raising the raise the head, back, knee or foot portion of the bed with a push of a button. To someone who is disabled, this gives them the independence to adjust the bed to a position of comfort without asking for assistance.

Some beds may even be equipped with pictures of preset bed positions to make it easier for the user. They won’t have to depend on caregivers to raise the bed or put pillows underneath their shoulders top prop them up. The different features of the adjustable bed also allow better convenience for the caregiver to tend to the disabled individual. The caregiver can easily reach over the bed and attend to patient care like assisting in eating, bathing and other activities of daily living.

Being able to adjust the bed height also allows for a more safe transfer for the user in and out of the bed, when applicable. This promotes a certain sense of independence and self fulfillment. It also allows the caregiver to facilitate safe patient transfers to prevent falls and serious injury.

The adjustable bed is made up of two parts. The base allows the bed to be adjusted to various positions. The other important part is the adjustable bed mattress. The mattress provides the user with the ultimate comfort and support. This is where the user will be sending most of his time in, most especially when there is paralysis or immobility.

There are various mattresses that are suitable for disabled beds. A few of these include memory foam, latex, gel, air and water mattresses. All these have been specially engineered to provide maximum comfort and support. Mattresses such as memory foam and latex very easily conform to the body. It easily fits and supports the natural curvature of the spine preventing back pains. The flexibility and the comfort from these mattresses are very beneficial for those who suffer from constant muscle, bone and joint pain.

These specialized mattresses provide even more comfort for the patient because it helps to alleviate pressure caused by immobility. Too much pressure from hard and traditional mattresses will cause tearing of the skin which leads to bed sores. This is especially common to immobile or paralyzed individuals who cannot turn over every few hours to alleviate the pressure. The specially engineered adjustable bed mattresses lessen the friction between the user’s skin and the bed. These mattresses can even have more specialized features that include heat and massage therapy. Massage therapy can be very useful to knead and relax sore muscles.

The prices for disabled beds are often a little pricier than traditional beds. However, the amount of comfort and support that disabled beds give to users are unmatched and are truly worth every penny.

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