Bariatric Beds – What Is A Bariatric Bed?

Bariatric Beds – What Is A Bariatric Bed?

A bariatric bed is a specialized bed intended to support the weight and provide comfort for heavy and obese individuals. As more and more individuals have become obese, the medical community has also developed various bariatric equipments to make mobility, comfort and care for overweight individual easier. This type of bed is often used as a hospital bed to facilitate the patient care of heavy individuals but it may also be used as a home bed, when preferred.

Bariatric beds have been especially engineered to support the weight of heavy individuals, most weighing more than 400 pounds. These beds are made with heavy duty material that is manufactured to be durable under a large amount of pressure. To the overweight individual, having a bed that they can fit into provides them with more comfort. It allows them to have the space to turn and change to the various positions that they prefer.

These beds can also come with a trapeze. A trapeze can be very handy for the obese individual to grab into to make adjustments or move themselves to various other positions. This provides them with more independence. It also lessens the embarrassment of having to call the assistance of 4-5 caregivers just to help with repositioning.

Most bariatric beds are electric adjustable beds. Although some manual beds may be available for the users, electric beds offer the most convenience to the patient and the caregivers. Manual beds often have a hand crank and using it might be too difficult and time consuming especially with a heavy individual lying on the bed. With electric beds, a patient can readily adjust various bed positions with a single push of a button. He can raise or lower the head, back or foot part as he pleases without asking any assistance from caregivers.

The bariatric bed not only benefits the user but the caregivers as well. It provides more opportunities for caregivers to provide better care to their patients. Being able to adjust bed positions, allows the caregiver to turn obese patients without exerting too much effort.

Another great advantage for bariatric adjustable beds is that it allows caregivers to facilitate a safer transfer of the patient in and out of bed. Falls from bed transfers are extremely common among obese individuals, the elderly and disabled. This is most especially true for overweight individuals because the excess weight can often cause imbalances. Falls are not to be taken lightly and should be prevented by any means because it can lead to severe injuries which could cause more problems.

The mattresses of bariatric beds have also been designed to provide the maximum comfort and support for the obese. Because excess weight can cause back problems, special mattresses like latex or memory foam readily conforms to the natural curvature of the spine to lessen back pain. These mattresses are also important to alleviate pressure and heat. Thus, it prevents bed sores or ulcers.

Bed sores can be the worst enemy for obese patients. Because of the excess weight, it is harder for them to turn and alleviate the pressure. If bed sores occur, this can be painful and uncomfortable. It also takes a long time to heal and may even lead to infection. That is the reason why hospitals make it a point to put specialized mattresses that alleviate pressure on bariatric beds. Some mattresses are even equipped with more features like heat and massage therapy to provide additional comfort.

Bariatric equipment is not only limited to beds. Manufacturers have also made bariatric chairs, wheelchairs, patient lifters and commode seats and so much more. Equipments like bariatric beds are extremely useful to better suit the needs and comfort of obese patients.

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