Adjustable Height Bed Considerations

What to Look for in an Adjustable Height Bed

An adjustable height bed provides an added advantage of safety and convenience to users. Being able to adjust bed height offers users the ability to transfer in and out of bed with ease. This prevents falls and slips which could lead to severe injury. Adjusting bed height also provides more convenience for caregivers to attend to patients. They can reach over the bed and attend to patient care without tiptoeing or standing on foot stools. It also allows caregivers to facilitate the transfer of patients with more safety.

Adjustable height beds are very useful for the disabled, elderly and those with mobility problems. Being able to adjust the height of the bed and even certain bed positions give them a sense of independence which their condition might sometimes limit. They need less assistance on their own and this provides a sense of fulfillment for some.

If you are looking for an adjustable bed a loved one, there are many models to choose from that it can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing. The best way to look for an adjustable bed is to have in mind the particular features you are looking for, your budget and knowing what your needs are.

The two main types of adjustable beds are manual and electric. Manual beds have hydraulic systems to adjust the bed height and other bed positions. This is usually controlled by a hand crank or a foot pedal. Winding the hand crank can sometimes be uncomfortable to the user because it constantly jerks the bed as it is being adjusted. You also have to mind where you put the bed. Make sure that the crank or foot pedal would be easily accessible. Manual beds are cheaper to electric adjustable beds. On the other hand, this type of bed cannot be operated by the user. He will have to be dependent on someone to adjust the bed for him.

Electric adjustable beds can provide the best convenience and independence for users. These beds can have a remote control or a handset to operate various bed functions. The user can adjust bed height with a single push of a button. Electric beds have a motor to operate the adjustable bed functions. The motors installed work efficiently and silently so there are no loud noises noted in adjusting bed height. If you wish to purchase an electric adjustable bed, make sure that there is a functioning electrical outlet in the room. You could also ask if the motor has a back up battery in the event of a power failure.

You should always make sure that the bed you are purchasing is made of good quality. Buy from trustworthy companies that provide extensive warranties. If you are on a budget, there are a lot of quality beds offered at discounted and even factory prices. Never settle for products whose quality and durability is questionable. You wouldn’t want to get a bed that gives you more malfunctioning headaches than actual benefits.

Once you have decided on the adjustable height bed you wish to purchase, the next best thing to do is buy a mattress that goes along with it. There are now a lot of mattresses being sold that provide utmost comfort and support for the user.

Knowing what to look for in the type of bed you wish to purchase will save you time and energy. It also prevents you from being overwhelmed with too many products and end up buying the wrong bed. When you spend just a little time doing some research on the bed you want, you end up with an adjustable height bed that provides optimal comfort, safety and convenience.

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