Adjustable Bed Frame

Guide to Selecting an Adjustable Bed Frame

An adjustable bed frame is now popularly being used in homes rather than just in hospital. The changes in visual appeal of adjustable beds have made it more suitable home furniture and less like a hospital bed. Although a little bit pricier than traditional beds, the amount of comfort and relaxation that this type of bed provides is unmatched.

Adjustable bed frames are not merely for people with health condition. Although this type of bed does benefit individuals suffering from bone, joint and muscle disorders the most. You can simply use adjustable beds if you want to experience more comfort when you sleep. People spend about 1/3 of their lives sleeping. The amount of relaxation that we get from sleeping will dictate daily energy levels and even general health. It is just fitting that a lot of people are now turning to adjustable beds to experience a more sound sleep with less sleep disturbances.

Depending on your preference and budget, adjustable bed frames can come as manual or electric beds. All functions of manual beds are controlled by a hand crank or a foot pedal. This type of bed can be inconvenient to users. An adjustable bed that can provide ultimate ease is an electric bed. All functions of electric beds can are controlled by a handset or a remote control.

Adjustable bed frames can come in a variety of designs and made with different materials. Some beds have a contemporary and modern design. Others have more homey traditional designs. Whatever your preference might be, make sure that the base of the frame is made with durable material. Durable materials like heavy duty steel are less prone to distortions and bending making the bed last longer. Bed frames also have wheels and rollers to provide it with more mobility. Prefer it to be made with Nylon rather than simple wood or metal. Nylon provides less friction making the wheels, casters and rollers to last longer. It also does not make any squeaking noises.

If you decide to get an electric bed, the motor of the bed frame should also be taken into consideration. Choose frames with motors encased in protective plastic housing to protect the motor and prevent motor noise. The motors and other mechanical parts of the adjustable bed should be in a sealed casing construction. This provides more durability for the parts because it requires no lubrication or maintenance. Some motors have an added bonus of having extra batteries in case of power failure. If the bed you choose has no back up batteries, choose frames that automatically revert to a horizontal position in case power runs out. This feature provides more ease for the user to get out of the bed.

No matter what type of bed you choose, always purchase good quality products from well established companies that also provide long warranties. Although it may be a little pricier than others, top grade quality beds will provide you with more comfort and durability. In the end, you get better value for your money.

The amount of time you invest looking for adjustable bed mattresses should equal the amount of time you look for an adjustable bed frame. The comfort you get from a mattress will be intensified and fully optimized when you choose a great adjustable bed frame to go with it.

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