Orthopedic Bed

An orthopedic bed, like the name name suggests is a bed designed with the needs of people affected by some form of orthopedic condition in mind. This could be back pain, arthritis, or some other muscular – skeletal or mobility condition. Some people however just buy an orthopaedic bed or mattress from a comfort point of view, or in the hopes that it may help prevent the development of any muscular – skeletal degenerative condition.

Orthopedic Bed
TwinXL, Full, Queen, And Split King (shown) sizes available.
Whether you need a complete bed or just an orthopedic mattress is a matter of choice or the condition of your existing bed. There are two types of bed to choose from. Beds that simply support an orthopedic mattress to work synergistically as one unit. Tempur-pedic beds are famous for this – with a price tag to match. Or there are adjustable beds which themselves come in two versions. Manual Adjustable Beds and Electric Adjustable Beds.

As the name suggests these types of orthopaedic bed are adjustable to provide optimum comfort for the areas of your body. Typically with a manual adjustable bed, you can only adjust 3 parts of the bed. There’s also the issue of needing someone to physically make the bed adjustment. Whereas with an electric adjustable bed, the adjustment are made via a built in panel or remote control and without the need for someone to have to adjust the bed. So these types of beds are much more convenient and save on human effort.

One of the reasons people consider orthopedic beds, even if they don’t have any muscular skeletal condition is because the memory foam technology employed by many orthopedic mattresses is comfortable as well as durable. While for those that do have such a condition perhaps their first experience of one came from sleeping in an orthopedic hospital bed, or they have been recommended or advised to get one by their doctor.

Orthopedic Beds For People Come With Great Support For The Back And Spine

In addition to this an orthopedic mattress also supports the natural shape of your back. In the spine of a human skeleton, the spine is naturally shaped in a double S form. If the back does not receive continuous support to maintain its natural form while at rest, then that’s when back pain and other complications arise and the need for an back supporting bed arises.

An adjustable bed helps if you already have a muscular skeletal condition by supporting your body in a number of positions and angles.

Knowing When Your Regular Bed Has Expired

The problem is that many people fail to realize that they are failing to support their back adequately by not changing their mattress often enough. Many regular innerspring mattresses have outlasted their use after 3 – 5 years when the foam starts to flatten out and the springs weaken. Some people even wait as long as it takes until they feel the mattress springs poke into their body as they lie on the mattress.

Do you know the average amount of time people spend sleeping in bed? Think about it for a moment – if the average sleeping time is 6-8 hours, that’s one quarter to a third of your day. So if the average age is 72, then 24 of those years you will have spent sleeping. Put in this perspective, you can appreciate exactly how important it is that your body has adequate support while you rest.

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